Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hello, 2011! :-)

So, here I am: It's a new year, a new blog, and I'm both excited and nervous about the idea of documenting my journey over a full year (as opposed to the monthlong venture that I undertook in May/June of 2010).  And yet, I feel that it's an exciting venture for me personally, whatever it may turn out to be (or not be) for anyone else "out there" who chooses to join me (or not) or my personal journey.  So, here I am, and here it is--in it's most fledging, "first entry" form.

I have a couple of reasons behind wanting to tackle this year-long blog, and a couple of different things, content-wise, that I will be wanting to tackle:
  • First of all, and perhaps most selfishly, this is a blog about me--that is, about my interests and my personal development.  I want to watch myself develop as a human, as musician/teacher, as a fledgling healer-astrologer, as a brilliant and confused thinker/spiritualist, as a wife and a lover and a friend--and I want the opportunity to share that journey along the way, however it may go.
  • Secondly, this is a blog about the things that sustain me: music, dance, astrology, healing, meditation/self-inquiry, and (most profoundly) my relationships (with my husband, my friends, and God/"The Source").
  • Lastly, I am hoping to touch you, dear reader, in sharing my own journey.  This is a wonderful and messy life that we live and I want to share my particular rendition of how I strive to both better myself and to accept myself exactly as I am (ah--the greatest conundrum!). 
In summary, if this blog speaks to you in any or all of these ways, then I invite you to join me in my journey.  I invite you to chuckle in recognition, to share your own thoughts/opinions (where you resonate with me, learn from me, or have a completely different point of view from me), and/or let your own memories/emotional reactions bubble up in response to what you read from me.  Finally, if you are willing to come along with me and support me in my journey, then I would like to do the same for you (should you so choose).  So, if you have your own chronicle/blog, or should you wish to contact me to share your own experiences, then I vow to listen and support you as well, to the best of my ability.

Finally, the commitment: I will check in at least once a week, more often if and as "the spirit moves me".  So, expect at least 50 or so entries over the course of the year. 

Thank you for reading this, my very first post of 2011, and I look forward to sharing this journey with you! :-)


  1. just don't interrupt my 3 Stooges episodes :)

  2. You are also still developing in your relationship with me - your mother!

  3. Chronicling my life, via blog is the only 'resolution' I made this year. Your courage and commitment is inspiring. I'd love to accompany you on your journey. Namaste M

  4. Mom: That's totally true. I do feel that our relationship is evolving as time goes on. We're learning together!

    Scott: I promise not to interrupt your 3 Stooges (to the best of my ability). Also, good to see your blog posting. I'll be following you, should you post more.

    Malcolm: Really looking forward to seeing your blog/website develop. I'm so glad I inspired you! :-) Namaste.

  5. I am anticipating a year of personal growth for you and I both, Jen. I realize that growth can come in positive or negative circumstances, depending on our own attitudes, and I intend to look for ways to gain from anything that happens in my life! How about you?

  6. I absolutely agree with that sentiment, Mom. Although we all want to experience, and to create, positive circumstances in our lives, we will often be challenged with negativity (from both within and without). This will happen whether we like it or not, so why not embrace every circumstance as an opportunity for more growth and more love? So, yes, we're on the same page with this, absolutely.

  7. Yay, go Jen! A blog - what a great investment into you and a generous way sharing with all of us.
    Hugs and love,

  8. Thank you so much, Nadia! I appreciate your warmth and support.