Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In praise of Silence

Silence is my life's nectar.
I revel in it, drink it in at every opportunity.
It feeds me, sustains me, nourishes me, cleanses me.
It wraps me in a blanket of the sweetest, softest cotton--
simultaneously enveloping me and giving me space to breathe.

Silence warms and expands my heart,
reminds me that I have nothing to fear,
for I and it are one.
And oh, how I love playing the role of Silence:
intuitively knowing,
completely grounded,
embracing all things warmly,
and yet discriminating to the sharpest detail.

Warmth that is not silent is cloying.
But warm that arises from silence--
Ah! That is the aim, the sustenance and the achievement.
That is the life-blood, truly the love of the Divine:
It is no more or less than that.

Silence that has no warmth is not really silence--
for then, it has agenda.
It closes down; it does not include; it does not embrace.
And since silence is the space that holds all things,
how can this be?
It is merely detachment: Sustaining to the mind,
but not to the soul.

And so, my brothers, I entreat you!
Rather than close down and force detachment,
why not embrace silence and listen?
For truly, listening fully--
with the ears of the body, mind, heart, and spirit--
is the seat of all wisdom.
In this way, you connect with the earthly;
In this way, you connect with the Divine;
In this way, you connect with the other;
and in this way, you connect with yourself.
In all these ways, you awaken to Intuition
(another name for your Divine-embodied knowing),
and through Intuition, you discern
all these distinctions are but false divisions of the One.
They are all but ripples in the One Stream.

Returning to me, in my present human form,
I affirm the following as my life path:
To radiate the Heart-Wisdom of Silence;
to live fully in my body, my heart, my soul;
to listen with every pore of my being;
To embrace the Silence Knower;
and to feel the never-ending embrace
of His sweet, silent love.
This I affirm and to this I surrender:
Forever, Amen. 

Om, shanti, shanti, shanti. . . (Peace, peace, peace. . .)